• 77º is Just Right


    HOURS:  Wed- Fri: 5pm- 2am   |   Sat and Sun: 3pm- 2am

    Few remember that, when Columbus discovered America, he first landed somewhere in the Caribbean. Between the powder sand beaches and the perfect blue water, the only thing missing was a great mixed drink. If 77º had existed way back in 1492, he may never have left.

    77° Rooftop is Rock Rose's newest addition. Our 3-story rooftop patio bar takes drinking in Austin to a perfect 77°, the optimal cocktailing temperature. We've got a palette-pleasing assortment of finger foods, and some mind-altering hookah flavors as well. Stop by and enjoy our open-air patio, beautiful cocktails, and unique tapas dishes.

    NOTE: 77º is strictly for patrons 21 and up. Please no children.